Our Tribe

Kerry Thomson

I am a single (for now) mom of two who hasn't had a partner to talk her out of her next crazy adventure idea. I grew up outside of Washington, DC in the home my parents still live in, asking my folks every year or so why we couldn't move to another state. We travelled every summer in our Pontiac station wagon to the same two spots: Boston, Massachusetts to see my maternal grandparents, and Charleston, South Carolina to see the paternal pair. Well-versed on the Eastern seaboard, I took advantage of every travel opportunity I could find outside of the family standard from the earliest age I could: high school mission trips to Pine Ridge South Dakota and collegiate biology adventures in the rainforests of Costa Rica. The more of the world I saw, the more I wanted to see; this is the hunger of the traveller. I lived a year in England before graduating college. Then I hopped on my bicycle and rode it from San Francisco back to Washington, DC. As much as I have a passion for travel, I have a passion for building community. I need to be tied to my chosen family of friends and colleagues so much that I will never be a true vagabond. I work for Habitat for Humanity full time in the amazing town of Bloomington, Indiana and balance my life by maximizing my travel, training for endurance sports, and ensuring that the work I am passionate about never comes before the people I love.


Sam is 11 years old, a 6th grader in the local public school. His football players' body fools many into believing he ought to have an ego to match. In fact, he is a deeply thoughtful, introspective soul. Born a Hoosier, he can be found down the street shooting hoops or tossing a football. He has recently been nurturing his passion for singing and dancing in show choir. He dreams of being a professional football player or an actor, though his love for the outdoors leads me to believe adventure guide or park ranger might also be in his future.


Born a princess, Caroline is 9 and brings sparkle wherever she goes. She has outgrown her need to wear a dress everyday, but might still color coordinate her gym clothes. She's fast and competitive on the basketball court, and equally quick to love. She adores all animals, our yellow Labrador Scout most of all. She can belt out a tune and dance some hip hop in show choir with her brother and dreams of being a doctor or a vet.