Milestones in Superheroism

One year ago today I woke up to go to job site for what I thought would be just another day at Habitat. Caroline woke up and headed to sailing camp on lake Monroe where a single moment in time would change our lives.  Today marks the beginning of a journey which was tremendously painful and yet so beautiful. 

As a writer, I have not been able to put to words what these experiences have meant until they this week, needing a bit of time for the scar tissue to form on what had been an open wound in my heart still. I'll share some of those reflections here in the future, once Super C gives her permission. 

What I can tell you today is this: sometimes the very thing we cannot imagine happening does, and it is that very "tragedy" which creates strength, compassion, connection and resolve that life is worth appreciating right down to every breath we are gifted. 

As humans we have two skinny legs to support us-- when we are lucky we build a tribe that creates a much broader base for these times when life might otherwise knock you down.  Thank you for being our tribe-- for creating strength when our knees got weak. For showing up in the middle of the night or the middle of the workweek at Riley Children's Hospital. For bringing meals and walking dogs. For sending funny videos to distract Caroline during painful times, for texting and calling, for filling her room with craft projects and stuffed animals, and for always choosing to tell this child she is strong and brave before you tell her she is beautiful.  Words and actions matter.  We've added to our tribe this year with new friends up at Riley, and our whole family is grateful to have had this event as a lesson which is now behind us.  Caroline is recovering well, and back to all her sports, slime-making, and silliness thanks to her strength, and our tremendous tribe.